You can place a customized Rx Order 1 of 2 simple ways:

1.) At a dealer
 2.) By contacting us

Please download our Rx-Ables Order Form here to view options and pricing.

To place an order at a store:

1. Visit your nearest dealer using our Store Locator and bring a copy of your current prescription.

2. You will need to select the following: A Frame style, an Rx Fill (ex: Bi-Focal ) and Tint (ex: Transitions). Please mention any optional coatings you would like (ex: Anti-Fog, Mirror, Anti Reflective).

3. Prepay the store your final amount due. Done! Your custom eyewear will ship to the store or you directly.

If there is no dealer near you:

Contact us with your customized order request. If you are uncertain on a frame style, tint or special coatings, one of our Rx specialists will be glad to assist with any recommendations based on your needs.

Ready to get started? Contact us here!

Lightweight and safety rated Polycarbonate is always our first choice at no additional cost!

We offer: Single Vision, BiFocal, Trifocal and Progressives (Blended BiFocal).

Our most popular tints include: Transitions (Day/Night Photochromic), Polarized Smoke, Smoke and Clear. If you would like a custom tint, we can make it!

Optional Coatings: AntiFog, Anti-Reflective, Mirror Coating and Premium Hardcoat.